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Troubleshooting Bitdefender Endpoint Security error message 1011 during an update

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This article applies to Bitdefender Endpoint Security on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Error 1011 stands for I/O timeout and it is received when the endpoint fails to reach the designated update server as it times out.

Possible Causes

  • The update server is offline
  • The update server port is closed on 7074
  • The endpoint does not have access to the update server network location

Troubleshooting Steps

As this is a connectivity issue, you need to run a number of checks to see exactly where the problem is:

  • Verify that the update server is up and running by doing the following:
    • If the update server is a relay, check that epupdateserver.exe is running. If not, you can start it manually from Services.
    • If the update server is located on the GravityZone appliance or Linux Relay, you can try to restart the update server service with the following command:

      sudo service arrakis restart

  • From the endpoint, verify that you can ping the update server:

    Ping IP_updateserver 7074

  • Verify that port 7074 is reachable from the endpoint by sending a telnet command:

    telnet IP_updateserver 7074

  • Open the 7074 port, if closed on the update server.
note Note:

To speed up troubleshooting, please also provide support tool logs from the affected workstation and associated relay/appliance. Read also this KB to learn how to use the GravityZone LogCollector for troubleshooting.

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