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Troubleshooting Bitdefender Endpoint Security error message 2013 during an update

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This article applies to Endpoint Security, Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (for Windows and Linux) and Endpoint Security for Mac.

Error 2013 stands for "File must not be downloaded and updated" and occurs when the files present on the endpoint are newer than the ones on the local update server.

Possible Causes

This error is triggered when an endpoint downloads the virus signatures first from an up-to-date update server, and afterwards using a local update server with outdated signatures.


The issue is caused by the local update server. To determine if the server is updating properly, please open an email ticket via the web form.

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To speed up troubleshooting, please also provide support tool logs from the affected workstation and associated relay/appliance. Read also this KB to learn how to use the GravityZone LogCollector for troubleshooting.

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