About Bitdefender Business Solutions Group

Bitdefender Business Solutions Group delivers best-in-class threat prevention, detection, and response solutions to more than 40,000 businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations in industries worldwide. Our unified endpoint security and analytics platform and managed services help organizations become more cyber resilient across any environment – client, server, on-premises, cloud or hybrid.

The threat landscape is evolving and professional attackers work tirelessly to find new ways to breach environments and move through organizations undetected. Each port, unpatched application, employee email and unsecured DevOps project serves as a doorway to company assets. Our modern cybersecurity solutions offer unmatched prevention and our security analysts keep eyes on your business 24x7x365.

Bitdefender empowers organizations to meet professional attacks with a professional response. In our 20-year history, we have pioneered breakthrough innovations in antimalware, behavioral analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence – licensed now by more than 150 of the world’s most recognized technology and cybersecurity brands. With deep investments in continuous research and development, including post-quantum cryptography and other emerging fields, we are at the forefront of protecting organizations now and far into the future.


Passionate about building and maintaining our knowledge and competency in cybersecurity.


We redefine ourselves and what is possible; we challenge the status quo.


We rise together to protect our customers with unexpected valor and resolve.


We harness unrivaled strength to break through barriers and accomplish great feats.


We find creative ways to achieve objectives and overcome challenges.


We value diversity and believe it enables greater value for customers and our company.