On-Execution Security

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Bitdefender Process Inspector is a proactive, dynamic detection technology that monitors processes’ behavior, and tags suspicious activities during runtime. An on-execution protection layer augments pre-execution detection technologies. Built-in advanced analytics to monitor and detect process behavior like Operating System (OS) security by-pass and memory corruption.

 Process Inspector allows administrators to adjust aggressiveness levels to suit the context and risk profile of their organization.

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Bitdefender technologies reduce the risk of new or emerging threats compromising a system. It looks for behavior specific to malware and assigns a score for each process based on its action and context.

When the overall score for a process reaches a given threshold, the process is reported harmful, and appropriate remediation action is taken, such as the rollback of changes (system file modifications, registry key changes) made by malicious process on the endpoint.  

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Modern threats are often one step ahead of traditional antimalware designed to thwart them. It is crucial to detect in-progress attacks before they cause damage.

Process Inspector neutralizes the threat by isolating the attacked processes in real-time and tracing the root cause.  

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Advanced Threat Detection

Bitdefender significantly increases the on and post-execution detection rate of evasive or new malware, by continuously monitoring a process and analyzing behavior characteristics instead of signature or binary or code fingerprints. It strengthens an organizations’ security posture by detecting ongoing attacks that have may have evaded preceding defensive layers. Bitdefender’s Process Inspector adheres to the Zero-Trust Data-tier of the Forrester Zero-Trust eXtended (ZTX) Framework, to secure customers from modern-day threats.  

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Automatic Modification Rollbacks

Fileless attacks typically exploit security blind spots to launch malware by leveraging legitimate admin tools such as PowerShell. Process Inspector maintains an audit trail of changes made by the process on the endpoint. After successful detection, the malware is automatically remediated, and malicious changes made by the process such as system file changes or registry key modifications are rolled back  

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Secure against Ransomware

Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware technology analyzes and intercepts ransomware execution at several stages to prevent it from encrypting personal or sensitive data. It identifies whenever possible new ransomware attempts to encrypt files and automatically creates a backup of targeted files that will be restored after the malware is blocked. Bitdefender blocks all processes involved in the attack and starts remediation, while also notifying the user. We highly recommend using Process Inspector along with the Ransomware Mitigation module.  

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GravityZone Business Security Premium

Safeguards your organization from sophisticated cyber-attacks like Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and ransomware with more than 30 layers of machine-learning-driven security technologies.

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"We were impressed with the sophistication and automation of GravityZone’s endpoint detection and response. GravityZone’s cloud console was extremely user-friendly and provided in-depth visibility and detailed reporting across our infrastructure. 

Razvan Cioc, CISO, Patria Bank

Razvan Cioc

CISO, Patria Bank

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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