Protect Your Elastic AWS Workloads with Integrated Antimalware-as-a-Service

Amazon’s responsibility

While the security “of” the cloud is Amazon’s responsibility, the security “in” the cloud is the responsibility of the organization using it.

Bitdefender Security for AWS is built for virtualization, offers flexible pricing, and scales to your needs for optimal return on investment.

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Hosted Scanning Services

Hosted Scanning Services

Scanning is offloaded to Bitdefender security servers hosted in Amazon, for each protected cloud machine. Improves performance through minimal resource use and offloaded scanning processes.

Pay As-You-Grow-Licensing

Pay As-You-Grow-Licensing

Scales instantly – add as many instances as you need any time with just a few clicks.

Integrated Management Console

Easy-To-Use Integrated Management Console

Reduces administrative effort by easily managing your instances from the cloud-based console

Better Overall Security Posture for your Cloud Workloads

Achieve better overall security for your cloud workloads in Amazon, using the same security vendor and the same web console as you do for physical, virtual, and any other cloud environments.

Highly Optimized

For each cloud machine, scanning is offloaded to Bitdefender security servers hosted in Amazon. Powered by Bitdefender’s patented threat prevention technology, by offloading the scanning processes, you keep your instance costs low and maximize performance and protection


Best Protection

Get cloud security protection from the highest-rated security vendor in independent tests.

Go Licensing

Bitdefender provides usage-based licensing and you are charged monthly only for what you’ve used. Combined with Amazon’s payment system, Bitdefender gives AWS users the flexibility to implement (and pay) for security how and when they need it.

Lightweight Security Footprint

Despite the comprehensive set of security technologies, Bitdefender AWS Security significantly improves performance by centralizing scan functionality on dedicated servers outside the protected instances.

Instant Provisioning

Deployment flexibility is essential in a rapidly changing AWS environment. With Bitdefender’s scalable, purpose-built Security for AWS, you have the ability to grow on-demand and instantly provision security

Instant Provisioning

Integrated Management: All protected instances are easily managed from the Bitdefender cloud-based security console. The close integration with Amazon EC2 API sets provides an intuitive and unified view of your security across all AWS regions, allowing you to manage configurations, policies, and reporting.

OS Coverage

The minimal system demands Bitdefender Security for AWS is designed to address performance needs specific to cloud environments with low-impact, lightweight antimalware.

System Requirements

Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 14+, Google Chrome 15+, Safari 5+, Microsoft Edge 20+, Opera 16+
Recommended screen resolution: 1280x 800 or higher

Guest Operating Systems

Windows Server 2019
 Windows Server 2016
 Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2012 R2
 Windows Server 2008 R2
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 6.0 or higher
 Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or higher
 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4 or higher
 OpenSUSE Leap 42.x
 Fedora 25 or higher
 Debian 8.0 or higher
 Amazon Linux AMI 2016.09 or higher

As a Bitdefender partner/Distributor, how can I subscribe to the service?

If you are a direct Bitdefender distributor or partner, you can subscribe to the AWS service via the Bitdefender PAN portal.
● Optionally, you can configure your Amazon EC2 integration from the Integrations page in Control Center. As a direct partner, it is not mandatory to actually configure the integration and use the AWS service for your own network, if you do not own an AWS account. This is a necessary step only for customers and partners who need to protect their EC2 instances. Once you set up the integration and deploy the first security agent, you will benefit from a 30-day free trial of the service.
● You will be able to create Amazon EC2 monthly usage reports for each of your managed companies.
● For more information regarding your PAN account, please contact your Bitdefender account manager.

As a partner affiliated to a direct Bitdefender distributor, how can I subscribe to the service?

As a partner affiliated with a direct Bitdefender distributor, you will be able to view the Amazon EC2 Integration in GravityZone Control Center, if your distributor has the right to resell this service activated in PAN.
● If you do not see the Amazon EC2 integration options, please contact your Bitdefender distributor.

As a direct customer, how can I subscribe to the service?

The subscription on AWS Marketplace is today available for new GravityZone customers and for existing users who have not had an AWS subscription in the past. For subscribing to Bitdefender Security for AWS as a direct customer, you must first have an active AWS account. As a best practice, it is strongly recommended that you create and use a IAM role associated to your AWS user account. Learn more about IAM across accounts here. Moreover, make sure to use a production account where you will be charged by AWS on a monthly basis for using the Bitdefender service.
To subscribe to Bitdefender Security for AWS from Amazon Marketplace:
1. Login to your AWS user account.
2. Access Bitdefender Security for AWS page on Amazon Marketplace.
3. Click the Continue button on the right side of the page. You will be redirected to the subscription details page.
4. After reading the subscription details, click the Subscribe button. A confirmation message will appear.
At this point, you are subscribed to Bitdefender Security for AWS. You will be prompted next to set up your Bitdefender GravityZone account.
5. Click Set Up Your Account to proceed. You will be redirected to a subscription form hosted on Bitdefender website. From this point forward, follow the steps according to your Bitdefender customer status:
a. As new customer:
i. Fill in the required information. Bitdefender new customer form
ii. Click Complete Registration to finish. If the provided details are valid, a customer company and a user account will be created for you in GravityZone Control Center. You will receive an email confirmation for your subscription to the service on Amazon Marketplace. You will also receive a GravityZone new account confirmation email, with your login details. At this moment, you can access GravityZone Control Center using the link provided in the email.
b. As an existing customer, you only need to provide your GravityZone Control Center credentials:
i. Click the link provided under the form's title.
ii. Enter your GravityZone credentials.
Note! You must provide the credentials of a company administrator account.

How can I get a license for this service?

Bitdefender Security for AWS is a pay-per-use service available with a monthly subscription. When calculating usage, only running instances on which the security agent is installed are taken into account.
● If you have registered to the service via Amazon Marketplace, you obtain immediately a licensed subscription. Every month, Amazon will issue an invoice for your usage in the previous month and you will make it available as part of the consolidated billing option from your AWS account.
● If you subscribe for a Bitdefender Security for AWS free trial on our website, you will obtain a 30-days trial that starts once the first security agent is installed on an EC2 instance. During the trial period, all features are fully functional and you can use the service on any number of instances. To continue using the service after the trial expires, you will need to subscribe to the service on Amazon Marketplace.
● If you subscribe to the service as a Bitdefender partner via the PAN portal, you will benefit from a 30-days trial, which starts once the first security agent is installed on an EC2 instance. The same trial period is valid for all your child companies linked to your partner account. After the trial expires, the service is automatically licensed for your managed companies, without having to enter a license key.

How is the usage calculated and invoiced?

When calculating usage, only running instances are taken into account. The usage for each instance is counted by the hour, from the time it is launched until it is stopped or terminated. Usage lower than an hour is reported as a full hour, in line with the EC2 usage reporting. For end-customers registered via AWS Marketplace, GravityZone counts and reports hourly to Amazon the usage for each instance type in your company. Based on this information, Amazon will issue a monthly fee for all types of running instances. You are charged and billed at the beginning of each month based on your usage in the previous calendar month. Similarly, for partners and their customers, GravityZone reports the hourly usage to the Bitdefender PAN platform at the beginning of each month. Direct partners are then invoiced by Bitdefender based on the hourly usage of their client network. Pricing is per instance-hour consumed for each instance. You can check your usage information by generating an Amazon EC2 Monthly Usage report, which provides detailed information about the hourly usage for all managed instances belonging to the companies under your management.

What do I need to be able to configure the GravityZone integration with Amazon EC2?

Make sure that:
● Bitdefender Security for AWS service is licensed for your GravityZone company account, or you are running a trial subscription.
● Your environment meets the Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (security agent) requirements mentioned in the Installation guide available on Help & Support page.
● The AWS EC2 security groups have been properly configured. To install remotely the security agent on EC2 instances, you need to configure the security groups associated with the instances you want to protect, as follows:
– For remote installation, allow SSH access from the Security Console instance.
– For local installation, allow SSH and Remote Desktop Protocol access from the computer you connect from.

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

  • Gartner logo
  • Forrester
  • Gartner Customer Choice 2023
  • Mitre Engenuity
  • AV Test
  • AV Comparatives


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