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Bitdefender MDR directly addresses your single greatest security need – people.

Access to security technologies has never been a barrier, but hiring, training, and retaining security professionals to manage those technologies has never been more challenging – or expensive.​

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Bitdefender MDR provides:​


· 24x7 defense from a global network of SOCs, ensuring in-region support during your working day​

· Highly trained and certified security and intelligence analysts with extensive experience in combatting sophisticated threat actors and nation-states​

· Immediate elimination of security skills gaps and alert fatigue for your team​

· Bitdefender’s own industry-leading security platform enhanced by additional SOC tools and AI​

Analysis, not alerts


Many MDR vendors use automation to monitor, detect, and then aggregate and send alerts to you.


The burden is still on your team to evaluate all that data. Bitdefender MDR manages the entire alert lifecycle, analyzing thousands of alerts down to a handful of responses and recommendations.

See everything transparently in your MDR portal and get notified of only what matters to you.

Quick, decisive response


What happens when an attacker manages to bypass the technology? Our security analysts quickly assess security incidents and take decisive actions to contain and mitigate the threat. 


Bitdefender MDR includes a comprehensive array of pre-approved actions PAAs that enable our security analysts to take proactive responses when time is critical. With Bitdefender MDR, our human-led service always puts analysts in the critical response loop.

Best-in-class security platform


You don’t have to trade off product and service efficacy for affordability. Bitdefender MDR includes our industry-leading security platform, recognized as a Leader by Forrester, a Visionary by Gartner, and consistently placing #1 in independent tests by MITRE, AV-TEST, and AV-Comparatives. 


Moreover, Bitdefender owns the platform, giving our customers one security technology stack to consolidate on. 

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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  • Gartner Customer Choice 2023
  • Mitre Engenuity
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  • AV Comparatives
24x7 Security Coverage

24x7 Security Coverage

Our global network of SOCs works when you work and cover you around the world and around the clock. If a security incident occurs, our SOC will take action, and a security account manager will call your emergency contact within 30 minutes and be in constant communication throughout the incident.

Pre-Approved Actions

Pre-Approved Actions (PAAs)

A comprehensive array of PAAs provide quick and decisive response actions to mitigate security incidents. Our analysts evaluate, investigate and take action faster than any teams.

Incident Root Cause & Impact Analysis

Incident Root Cause & Impact Analysis

We identify the original threat vectors and potential impacts during incidents, offering comprehensive analyses and documentation in after-action reports. We initiate enhanced monitoring for 72 hours to ensure similar or related incidents don’t occur.​

Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting

Hundreds of millions of total covered  endpoints allow Bitdefender security researchers, Bitdefender Labs, and the MDR Threat Intelligence team to compile a massive amount of threat intelligence, attacker research, and threat analyses to continuously update and protect our customers.

Expert Recommendations

Expert Recommendations

In addition to providing complete security coverage, we elevate your security team. Our team of security experts provides recommendations to improve your security knowledge and posture as well as corrective actions to prevent possible incidents.​

MDR Portal and Reporting

MDR Portal and Reporting

Your MDR portal provides monthly,  actionable reporting on your service.  The report provides meaningful insights into security incidents, highlights cybersecurity trends, and guides remediation efforts, offering unparalleled transparency into the MDR service.

Bitdefender to join forces with Horangi Cyber Security

Bitdefender named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security, Q4 2023

The independent report evaluated top providers and how they stack up, confirming, in our opinion Bitdefender as a global leader in cybersecurity. The report notes Bitdefender “differentiates with its aggressive prevention-first mindset”.

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Experience Our MDR Portal

In this interactive tour, you can explore various aspects of the MDR Portal and see exactly how our expert security analysts use it to keep you protected.

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Bitdefender MDR solution explained



Industry-leading endpoint protection is integrated into Bitdefender’s EDR security platform to deliver the highest efficacy against advanced persistent threats and to block most attaches before execution. Optional XDR sensors provide unified detection and response across the endpoint, network, cloud, productivity apps and identity.


Bitdefender security analysts continuously monitor detected security events and alerts, which are prioritized based on severity, impact, and relevance to your company’s security posture (e.g. baseline). Using advanced analytics, AI/ML, threat intelligence and expert human knowledge, our analysts triage and investigate alerts to determine the nature and scope of the threat.


Bitdefender security analysts quickly initiate response workflows and pre-approved actions to contain threats and mitigate their impacts. For an incident, a security account manager (SAM) will contact you within 30 minutes of the declaration and send a flash report which provides initial findings. Once the incident is resolved, you will receive a detailed after-action report which provides audit-ready details.


Dashboards in your MDR portal provide real-time insights on your MDR service and configuration. MDR Monthly Reports provide summary and detailed level information around all aspects of your service, including deployment, suspicious events, investigations and recommendations. If there was an incident, all relevant reports and response actions taken are available as well.

Bitdefender MDR

“The Bitdefender MDR team has been responsive, knowledgeable, and successful at protecting our valuable data. Our number one priority is providing top patient care and Bitdefender has been successful in supporting that at every turn.”

Mostafa Mabrouk

Corporate Information Security Manager | Magrabi Hospitals and Centers

What is Bitdefender MDR service?

Bitdefender MDR is a managed security service that provides 24x7 defense against cyber threats delivered through our global Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

The service includes the underlying security platform (GravityZone Business Security Enterprise (BSE)) and the continuous monitoring and response to threats. 

What certifications does the MDR service have?

We implement robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and other cyber threats. We regularly do security assessments as we are certified ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2.

Where are the SOCs and what is the coverage model?

Bitdefender has a global network of three (3) SOCs that are located in North America (US-TX), Europe (Romania), and Asia-Pacific (Singapore).

They are organized in Panama shifts that follow the sun, providing in-region coverage during the working hours of customers in that region with seamless transitions between regions for complete 24x7 coverage. 

What are the qualifications of the security analysts in the SOCs?

Combined the Security Analysts have over 40 SANS certifications, including GCIH, GCFA, CTI, CISSP, Cloud, and Forensics.

Bitdefender heavily invests in analyst training to include a training budget for external training and conferences.  Our analysts come from multiple government agencies with over 100 years of combined experience working in cyber intelligence and threats.

Do analysts send me alerts or something more?

Many MDR service providers use automation to monitor, detect, and then aggregate and send alerts to you.

The burden of evaluating all that data is still on your team. Bitdefender MDR service manages the entire alert lifecycle, analyzing thousands of alerts down to a handful of responses and recommendations.

Can Bitdefender MDR take proactive actions to contain a threat?

Yes, the MDR service includes a comprehensive set of pre-approved actions (PAAs) that are enabled by default and give the analysts the capability to quickly and decisively take actions in case there is a threat to the customer environment. 

Can customers view security data about their environment?

The MDR Portal provides a real-time, transparent view into a customer's security environment.

Dashboards provide high-level summary information on monitored and deployed endpoints, alerts, and other relevant data. Detailed monthly reports are available that provide findings and recommendations for that given month.

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