How to disable Secure DNS in your browser settings

Some browser configurations may interfere with the functionality of Bitdefender VPN’s Ad blocker and Anti-tracker features. Specifically, when a browser uses a custom DNS server or advanced blocking technologies, it may prevent Bitdefender from properly blocking ads or trackers. When this happens, Bitdefender will not filter browser traffic but will continue to filter all remaining device traffic.

If you wish to adjust your browser settings to allow Bitdefender VPN to work uninterrupted, here’s what you need to do:


For Google Chrome Disable Secure DNS for Chrome

1. Open the Menu in the top right corner and choose Settings.

2. Select Privacy and Security in the left menu, then choose Security.

3. Scroll to the Advanced section and then uncheck “Use Secure DNS”.


For Mozilla Firefox Disable Secure DNS for Firefox

1. Open the Menu in the top right corner and choose Settings.

2. Scroll all the way down to Network Settings and choose Settings.

3. Untick the box that says “Enable DNS over HTTPS”.


For Microsoft EdgeDisable Secure DNS for Edge

1. Type  edge://settings/privacy  in the address bar and scroll to the Security area.

2. Disable the option “Use secure DNS to specify how to lookup the network address for websites”.