What is NETGEAR Armor Device Detection and how does it work?

Device detection and management is a NETGEAR Armor feature that allows you to manage or block devices that connect or attempt to connect to your network.

NETGEAR routers are able to detect any devices connected to your network and display them in the NETGEAR Armor portal. As soon as a device connects to your home network, its name appears in your Armor portal. By default, all the devices that are connected to your network are protected when NETGEAR Armor is activated. You can also install Bitdefender Total Security on an unlimited number of devices that run Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

For more information about Bitdefender Total Security, read What is the NETGEAR Armor Bitdefender Total Security feature?

Devices are grouped into the following categories:

• All

• Smart Home Devices

• Mobile Devices

• Computers

Note: The device detection feature is able to identify the operating systems (OS) of the devices. Each device is placed in the appropriate category based on its OS.


How does NETGEAR Armor identify my devices?

NETGEAR Armor identifies all the devices to which your NETGEAR R7000P router assigns an IP. After this, they will be displayed in the Armor platform, in the My Devices window.


Why doesn’t my device immediately display on the Devices page in the NETGEAR Armor platform?

After you activate NETGEAR Armor on your router, it might take a few minutes for all of your devices to appear on the Devices page. It might also take a few more minutes for Armor to accurately identify all the devices depending on the device type.

If you remove by mistake a device from the Armor portal, to get it back on the listed devices try disconnecting that device from the network and then reconnect it. Then check if NETGEAR Armor was able to detect the device again.


How do I view all devices that are on my network in the NETGEAR Armor portal?

To view all the devices that are on your network:

• From the online Armor platform

1. Launch a web browser and visit https://armor.netgear.com.

2. Enter your NETGEAR account credentials and click the Sign-in button.

3. Click the Allow button. By clicking Allow, you’re allowing Bitdefender to collect your profile information and your email address.

4. In the NETGEAR Armor portal, click the menu icon.

5. On the left side of the screen, click on Devices.

6. Under My Devices, click on All.


• From the Orbi app

1. Connect to the Orbi network, then open the Orbi app and log in using your credentials.

2. Scroll down and tap on the Security tab, then tap on Launch Armor Portal.

3. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper-left corner and select Devices.

4. Tap on All.

You will see all the devices on your network grouped in two categories: My Devices and New Devices.