Spam e-mails are not blocked by Bitdefender Antispam

Spam is a term used to describe unsolicited emails. Spam is a growing problem, both for individuals and for organizations. It’s not pretty, you wouldn’t want your kids to see it, it can get you fired for wasting too much time or from receiving inappropriate content in your office mail, and you can’t stop people from sending it. The next best thing is, obviously, to stop receiving it. Unfortunately, Spam comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and there’s a lot of it.

This article helps you troubleshoot the following issues concerning the Bitdefender Antispam filtering operation:

  • A lot of spam reaches your inbox.
  • Spam e-mails are not tagged as [spam] by the antispam filter.
  • The antispam filter does not detect any spam messages.

If spam is still coming through after activating the Bitdefender Antispam filter, you must configure it to improve its efficiency. To properly configure Bitdefender Antispam, try the solutions below. Click the section that best fits your situation to expand it and learn more.