Android Work Profile interaction with Bitdefender VPN


What is a work profile?

A work profile is a self-contained profile on an Android device for storing work apps and data. Work profile allows the separation of work apps and data, giving organizations full control of the data, apps, and security policies within a work profile. Simultaneously, users retain privacy over their personal apps, data, and usage.

Apps installed in the work profile are marked with the briefcase icon Android work profile - briefcase, to be easily distinguishable from personal apps.


How does a work profile interact with a VPN?

Given that personal apps and work profile apps are completely independent of one another, establishing a VPN connection on a personal app will not cause your work apps’ data to go through the tunnel. Likewise, if you have established a VPN connection through a work profile app, your personal app data will not pass through the work profile VPN.


I want to use Bitdefender VPN for my work profile apps

To use Bitdefender VPN to secure your work profile data, please contact your work profile Administrator to enable the app in Google Play Store for that profile.

You can still use your regular Bitdefender account for this, but you need to have the app installed in your work profile.

Android Work Profile interaction with Bitdefender VPN