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Clean your virus-infected computer! Check out the Bitdefender Toolbox loaded with your essential free antivirus tools and apps for desktop and mobile devices.


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  • Bitdefender Mobile Security (Free)
  • Bitdefender Anti-Theft
  • Bitdefender Safebox
  • Bitdefender Clueful
  • Bitdefender USSD Wipe Stopper
  • Bitdefender Carier IQ Finder
  • Bitdefender Power Tune Up
  • Removal Tools
  • Latest Threat News
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  • Bitdefender 60 Second Virus Scanner
  • Bitdefender Quickscan
  • Bitdefender Safebox
  • Bitdefender USB Immunizer
  • Bitdefender Safego
  • Bitdefender Virus Scanner for MAC
  • Bitdefender Anti-Theft