Can’t access a website with Bitdefender VPN connected

If you can’t access a website while Bitdefender VPN is active, don’t worry – there are steps you can take to resolve the problem. In this guide, we’ll walk you through two effective solutions: changing the VPN server and utilizing split tunneling.


Step 1 – Connect to another VPN server

Certain websites practice geo-blocking as a way of limiting access based on the user’s geographical location. Geo-blocking is done by identifying the IP address. Therefore, as a first troubleshooting method, change your VPN server to obtain a new IP and potentially bypass the restriction:

  1. Open the Bitdefender VPN application and press the Locations button.
  2. Select the country where the website you’re trying to access isn’t blocked. This will make it appear as though you’re browsing from that location.Change Location if apps won't work
  3. Wait for the connection to be established, and then attempt to access the website again.
  4. If the website doesn’t work while connected to your current country, try connecting to various VPN servers in the list of available locations.

If the site still doesn’t work regardless of the VPN server, go to the next step.


Step 2 – Use Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling allows you to route any website outside the VPN connection, to access the Internet directly. This feature is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Select one of the following to learn more:

You should be able to access the website now. To remove a site from Split Tunneling, simply click the trash can icon next to it.