Fix Bitdefender VPN error 9, 2, 182 and more on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

This page helps you fix Bitdefender VPN connection errors on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iPad. If you’re using Bitdefender VPN you might see one of these error messages or a different error code: An error occurred while trying to connect. Error code 2 | Error code 4 | Error code 9 | Error code 10 | Error code 12 | Error code 99 | Error code 4101 | Error code 182 (TunnelConnect) | Failed to get server list, please try again later

Note: If a particular website doesn’t work with VPN, check out this article instead – Can’t access a website when Bitdefender VPN is active? Here’s what to do

There are a few common causes of Bitdefender VPN errors:

  • No Internet – Make sure your device is connected to the Internet with a fast and stable connection.
  • Firewall – Check that your firewall isn’t blocking the VPN. If you’re not sure, look in your router’s manual, contact the manufacturer or your Internet provider.
  • Another VPN or Proxy – If you’re running another VPN or Proxy, disable it when trying to connect.
  • Public Wi-Fi (like in a hotel, school, or office) – Contact the network administrator to see if they can change the firewall settings and allow the VPN connection.
  • Port 443 is blocked – Port 443 UDP must be open for Bitdefender VPN to work. Access your router’s settings by typing its IP address into a web browser (refer to your router’s manual if necessary), find “Port Forwarding” or a similar section, and ensure Port 443 with UDP protocol is allowed. Save settings, then restart router and computer.

If you’ve already checked the above reasons why Bitdefender VPN isn’t usually working, the guide below can help you further. To get started, select the name of your operating system.

After following all steps provided in this guide, the VPN errors should stop. You should now be able to successfully connect to Bitdefender VPN.