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Industry Reports

The Global Threat Landscape Report - 2017

This report is based exclusively on information collected via a wide range of security services within GravityZone: Security for Virtualized Environments, Security for Endpoints, Security for Mobile and Security for Exchange, consumer-oriented products such as Bitdefender Antivirus, Bitdefender Internet Security or Bitdefender Total Security, as well as from Bitdefender BOX, the innovative solution for protecting
devices in the IoT space.


2017 Ransomware Report

The most comprehensive research to date, revealing how corporate IT and security professionals are dealing with the evolving ransomware threat and how organizations are preparing to better protect their critical data and IT infrastructure.


Spam and Phishing in the First Quarter of 2016

When it comes to persistent Internet pests, spam is a veteran. Seemingly innocent, this old threat now delivers one of the newest, and most dangerous payloads yet – crypto ransomware.


IT Security: Creating Heroes Instead of Headaches

An Executive Brief that explains how security leaders can take a more proactive approach to their security operations, and weave it into the total IT strategy.


HIPAA compliance: what you need to know about security for virtualization and cloud environments

This eGuide provides an overview of HIPAA and the challenges it presents to healthcare and other related industries, the impact the legislation is having on several technology areas, and how trends such as cloud and mobility may impact compliance efforts.


Newest Data Center Dilemma: Security vs. Performance

This Executive Brief, written by CIO Insight and sponsored by Bitdefender, explains how traditional security solutions can undermine the benefits of virtualization, and how you can address this challenge.


Security Business Review – Q4:2014

Brought to you by Bitdefender Labs, the Security Business Review is an analysis of some the most pervasive IT security threats affecting businesses.

We discuss the evolution of threats and the methods and techniques used to attack business.
With new threats emerging on an hourly basis, you need to be informed and prepared.

We’ve included some of our own findings as well as industry best practices to give you an overview of how critical company data can be compromised, and most importantly help prepare you with knowledge and advice to help mitigate threats.